L. Thorius Balbus, 105 BC.


Roman Republic, Silver Denarius, Rome Mint


Re-engraved R?


Crawford indicates at least one die with the "X" control mark has "RALBVS" in exergue.

On this coin, the first "B" in "BALBVS" seems to be similar to the "R" in THORIVS" with the straight leg, but then a blundered "B" re-engraved. It is not the same as the second "B" in "BALBVS". Could this be the misspelling engraver of the "RALBVS' die being corrected?


Obverse: Head of Juno Sospita right, clad in goatskin headdress; I.S.M.R behind; border of dots.


Reverse: Bull charging right, control letter X above; L.THORIVS below, BALBVS in exergue; border of dots.


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Condition: Choice EF, Coin is much, much better than picture. The coin has excellent lustrous light silver surfaces and excellent metal. Very slight wear (or soft strike) on the highest points. Centering is about perfect losing only border of dots. Excellent strike and gorgeous coin. Very interesting treatment of the first "B" in "BALBVS". All in all, a choice example of this issue.


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Valuation: Why Valuation? The most current price information is found in Sear Roman Coins and their Values, Millennium Edition, where it is valued at $72 in VF and $224 in EF. If the "B" is a re-engraved "R", then it is a fascinating study piece. This coin is a choice example of the issue.


Size: 3.96 grams; die axis = 9.0; flan 2.0 mm thick; 18.8 mm in diameter.


References: Sydenham 598; Crawford 316/1; RSC Thoria 1; Sear Mill 192.


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