Some temporary information during Start-Up:


Not all features are yet in place:


Most significantly, not all the descriptive and picture links for each coin are in place. If there is an active hyperlink to more information or a pictures, then you will see that it is underlined. Be sure to use this feature, because I have some large blow-ups of extraordinary coins. I will be adding more to this area after I get a reasonable number of coins loaded to this site.


Temporary Boxes:


To set up the site, I have many Temporary boxes which will soon be filled in. I apologize for their inconvenience.


Help and Information:


Help and Information is sparse now. I will be adding to them after we get up and running. One topic will be grading.




Again, links to other sites are lacking, except for the Ancient Coin Mart.


General Site Appearance and Operation:


Please let us know what you think. Constructive criticism is especially welcome. Let me know what you do not like!